Introduction of Twilight Studio

We start a revolution in Japanese anime trade and make a paradigm shift in knowledges, concepts and values of creating anime in Japan. Twilight Studio is the start-up anime studio and we have an ambition so we firmly believe this is a magnificent challenge we only achieve.
With “Hakubo” we currently produced as a start, we try to produce the legendary anime “Wake Up, Girls!”, “Karaokebu! “(may change) about the activity of girls’ life in the karaoke place, “Einsatz” ,which is a breakthrough anime docked wind instrument music and a musical and social action anime!
Twilight Studio keeps on various challenging for “further development of Japanese anime culture”. And we lead Japanese anime trade as the anime studio focused on all over the world.

Introduction of “Hakubo”

“Hakubo” is an animation work. Our anime director Yutaka Yamamoto has produced a set of three northeast region in Japan anime composition and “Hakubo” is the last anime of the trilogy.
Iwate prefecture, Miyagi prefecture and Fukushima prefecture suffered serious damege in 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
He has already produced “blossom” which sets in Otsuchi-Chou Iwate prefecture and “Wake Up, Girls! “ ,which sets in Sendai-city,Miyagi prefecture. And he finally describes “Fukushima”. Please look forward to this pure love story of a girl and a boy who live in present.